Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Designing Fabric

Just for fun, and because I wanted something specific for a quilt I was working on, I decided to design and print my own fabric. Just for fun, you should do the same.

What exactly does it take? A picture, drawing or sketch, a scanner, basic photo editing software and printable fabric which you can get at the craft store, are what I used. Depending on how complicated or simple you want your design to be, you might be able to bypass a step or two. Don’t have a good home printer or want to deal with printing your own fabric? Use Spoonflower (http://www.spoonflower.com/) where they will print your fabric designs in as small as an eight inch swatch to as many yards as you’d like and on a multitude of fabric choices. Personally I can’t wait to utilize this service soon since they switched their quilting weight fabric to Kona Cotton without raising their price. To show my process, I made another video in the My Day Off series.

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