Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uninspired Quilt Complete

What happens when you are completely uninspired by a project you are working on? You don’t want to work on it.

Okay, so for a good year and a half now I have been working on a quilt using fabric I bought back in 2006 for a quilt that never materialized. By working on it, I mean I started it, put it away, did the backing, put it away again and didn’t want anything to do with it from that point on. I loved it at first, but then after actually starting a project with it became completely uninspired by everything about it. Naming it such certainly did not help the situation.

 So yesterday afternoon with nothing else to do, I decided I was going to once and for all finish the damn thing. I taped down the backing, layered it with the batting and top, basted with some safety pins and brought it into my craft room to quilt. Being that I haven’t been too keen on doing much with this project, I decided to simply do wavy lines to mimic the waves in the striped fabric, but only go vertical. I quilted the centers and edges of each block this way and for a brief moment contemplated doing betweens for a mass of verticals, but honestly, felt it was done and ready to fold over the backing and bind.

I’m pretty confident in my ability to simply fold over the backing fabric and machine bind, but when the sides are bigger than I originally thought they would be I thought that would be beneficial. Wrong. I should have cut them more. Yes, it’s waste, but waste is better than headaches. I’m still contemplating ripping the sides, cutting or folding the excess under and doing them over, but for now, I’m calling this project completed. Why? Because with a name like Uninspired Quilt, I’m just glad it is done and one more thing I can cross off my To-Do List. Plus, the bonus part of this whole quilt was that I was able to use the excess from The Fall Quilt for the batting and still have enough batting leftover from that bag for a couple smaller projects.

Looking at it now, I’m probably going to rename it to what I had originally thought when I came up with the super simple pattern, and that is Open Envelopes Quilt. Who knows, if I get really bored maybe someday I will add a few surprises inside those envelopes. However, the Magic 8-Ball says: Doubtful. Outlook is grim. Another time, perhaps.

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  1. i've had these...totally uninspired after a long time of living in my yourself...donate it; Ronald McDonald House, shelter, a needy family at church, a single mom etc...someone will love it.