Monday, January 2, 2012

Time For a Change

Sadly, it is almost Epiphany, which in our house is when we take down the Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to take down the tree, but the North Pole Village just looks so cute this year!

When we take down the Christmas stuff later this week, I’m thinking it might be a good idea to do a little rearranging. Okay, so maybe I think it is simply time to leave everything in the living room the way it is and bring in another piece of furniture from the garage. I’m leaving my options open, however, in case this plan doesn’t work out so well. Aesthetics are one thing, but honestly, I really like the way it is set up right now. Of course, with the tree out of the way the entire bay window will be void of furniture and I’m thinking the old shelf unit I had on the wall of my craft room at the old house would work well there in front of the window once I put feet on it… or legs. I haven’t decided. I suppose the only way to figure out if it will work will be to actually put it there and find out.

The plan is to have it be our media storage for the Blu-ray discs and DVD sets that aren’t on the hard drive connected to the media box. Well, that’s my plan anyway. I’m not sure what my husband will want to do with it. We may want to use it for board games or photo albums or something else. Methinks the storage possibilities will eventually work themselves out based on whatever we feel like we want to have in it at the time we bring it into the house. Then again, it may not work out at all, in which case I will simply put the living room back the way it was before Christmas.

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