Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not So Productive

Okay, so yesterday I had some pretty grand plans. I obviously didn’t accomplish them all.

Let’s face it, whenever I make a plan to do a massive amount of stuff, it always fails. Maybe that is a little dramatic. There have been a few instances where the plan has panned out, but rare are those cases. I did, however, manage to finish a few things. Alas, not much more. Overthinking on my part is usually the culprit, and yes, I know that overthinking is not a real word.

So what did I do with my day off? Worked a little more on a fabric line I’m planning on putting up on Spoonflower (, finished the Frog & Fairy Quilt with an appliquéd name and date on another scene from the Frog & Fairy line, fed and watered the chickens as well as gathered eggs for the first time in months, played with the dog, then I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. All in all, about as unproductive as I get on my day off. I did manage to film another episode of the My Day Off YouTube series, but that probably won’t be up until Sunday.

I was hoping to start either That 70s Quilt with the In The Kitchen line from Alexander Henry or start working on flying geese for a quilt I want to make using Kate Spain’s Central Park or at least get another block from The Desperate Housewife’s Quilt done, but my brain was so out of it yesterday I’m surprised I got anything done at all. Judging from what I just wrote, my coherency is still a little iffy. I need this coffee to kick in pronto!

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