Saturday, January 21, 2012


It’s no secret that on the job injuries occur where I work. Some animals are just batshit crazy!

So yesterday, as I was taking a cat out of his flimsy cardboard carrier the owner brought him in so I could get a weight before putting him in the surgery ward to be neutered, he bolted out biting and scratching both of my hands. Fortunately I had taken the precaution of closing off the doors in the exam room I was weighing him in. Unfortunately the cat proceeded to knock every picture frame off the walls. My coworkers thought I was having a violent epileptic seizure or something but I assured them not to open the doors. Actually I screamed, “Don’t open the doors if you value your life!” After finally capturing the cat with a towel over his head, I skipped the weigh in and quickly took him into surgery.

Let’s just say the exam room looked like a hurricane had just gone through it. I didn’t notice until later after I put all the pictures back on the walls and finished up the chart, along with writing on the cat’s cage card “USE CAUTION!!! BOLTS! BITES! SCRATCHES! EVIL!!!” (Okay, so I didn’t put the EVIL part on, but there was the temptation to do so. A very real temptation.) that there was blood splattered all over the walls. Of course, I was busy cleaning out my wounds with hydrogen peroxide and applying some topical ointment to help it heal. Anyway, the kennel person was diligently scrubbing the walls and I was kind enough to tell him he missed a few spots as I handed him one of the collage frames before filling out an accident report. I wasn’t going to because the wounds weren’t emergency room worthy or anything, but my coworkers told me to do so anyway… just in case.

So what is the lesson learned? When someone tells you their cat is the sweetest cuddle bug in the world, they’re lying. I can’t wait until they bring in this cat’s sister to be spayed. I’ll be sure to have one of the other people handle that. Of course, I should have known that this was going to be a peculiar situation, as one of their other cats, named Mamma Kitty who supposedly gave birth to their horde, has a penis.

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