Monday, January 16, 2012


Do you ever have days where you feel like doing absolutely nothing? That was me yesterday.

Laziness is one of my most unattractive qualities. I’ll freely admit to it. However, lately it seems my creative juices are being drained, or for better words, less productive than I’d like them to be. Let me explain. I want to keep quilting The Fall Quilt, but don’t want to do it at a table where it will need to be done to prevent it from flopping around everywhere. I want to start a new quilt project, but look at the growing pile of Need To Be Completed stuff and convince myself it isn’t a good idea. I want to make another eBook tutorial for my Etsy shop, but don’t actually want to make the project and take all the pictures and do all the work that goes into such an endeavor. I want to continue writing or editing one of the various young adult novels I’ve started or written over the years, but can’t seem to find my groove.

So it appears I have a case of the I Want, Buts. Saying that in my head sounds dirty, but alas, the truth of the matter is that I’m making excuses for why I can’t or don’t want to do something I actually can or do want to do. I can use the excuse that I don’t have a single overriding personality trait as I am equal parts dominant, expressive, amiable and analytical, or I can get off my ass and do something. I suppose it is all up to me, huh? Well, I want to, but…

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