Saturday, May 26, 2012

Contemplating Buns

Lately I’ve had buns on my mind; something with a slightly hard exterior yet soft when you squeeze them and taste amazing. I have yet to find a recipe that will do the trick.

I’m pretty famous for my slow-cooker pulled pork sandwiches, but usually buy hamburger buns from the store for convenience to make them. The coleslaw? Perfect. The pork? The addition of smoked paprika and thirty hours in a crock-pot yield a flavor similar to being smoked and is great not only for sandwiches but tacos and enchiladas too. The buns? Lacking. I usually will opt for the more expensive yet flavorful large onion buns, but I really think I want to try making them myself. A flip through all of my cookbooks reveals I must be the only one. Even the joy of cooking doesn’t have anything. The only recipe that looks like it might even be close is for Parker House rolls.

And so my search will continue. If I can’t find a recipe worth making, to the store I will go and buy inferior buns. Of course, I suppose I could always check the bakery section to see if they have anything worth trying.

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