Friday, May 25, 2012

Going Away Quilt

When all else fails, I stare at my fabric stash. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything productive will happen, but at least I’ll look at some pretty stuff for awhile.

I've got a coworker who will be leaving for college to become a veterinarian in a couple months and have been racking my brain over what to do. Then it hit me, a lap quilt was in order. Thinking I had already purchased the perfect fabric of cats doing various cat things, I realized I didn’t actually have this fabric but merely saw it in the store months ago. Turns out I got the birds instead, probably because it was in the clearance section for three dollars a yard. Hmmm… maybe I can work that to my advantage.

Anyway, it appears I have some pondering and/or other fabric to buy for said project. Hopefully she will appreciate the effort that will go into it.

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