Saturday, May 5, 2012


Soda fountains and candy shops are a thing of nostalgia. At Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop, they are keeping the nostalgia alive.

Last night we went to Fizz in Portland, Oregon to see some of our friend Sarah’s incredible photography up on display and for sale. Now I’ve heard of Fizz before, where they have hundreds of sodas and hard to find and retro candies, but hadn’t made it down yet. What a perfect excuse! In conjunction with their large bottled sodas for sale, they also hand stir quite a variety of pop too. I tried the Virgin Island Ginger Beer and it was amazing.

The store is located in a residential area and is mostly surrounded by large older homes and seems like the perfect after school place for kids to get a little candy and a pop before walking home. Whether or not this happens is beyond me, but I did notice quite a few people looked like they just walked from their homes to the shop, and about half of them with kids in tow. The other half were about my age and actually looked like a kid in a candy store when they started perusing the selection.

Another fun thing about the store is their tribute to local legend and television host Ramblin Rod. Their shrine not only includes a sweater with buttons, which you can add to with your own buttons, but also his microphone he used on the daily morning cartoon show he hosted. While my one and only time I was on the show my smile turned disastrous with a case of the hiccups that made an unfortunate appearance when the camera was on my face during the Smile Contest, the memories I have as a kid watching this show are all still great.

If you live in the Portland metro area or happen to be visiting, I highly recommend checking this cute shop out. Also, our friend Sarah’s photography will be on display through the rest of the month so that will give you another incentive to go and maybe buy one or all of her pieces she has up for sale.

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