Friday, May 11, 2012


“I’m sorry, you can’t print that black and white document because I’m out of yellow ink,” says the printer. It never fails to annoy me.

Perhaps my annoyance with inkjet printers is based on the fact that while we do not print all that much, or, well, I don’t anyway, it always seems to run out of ink when I actually need something printed off. My husband is a teacher and prints stuff off all the time. After finding out our printer cartridges are no longer available at Costco and that buying the color ink cartridges separately is no longer an option, we’ve decided to start looking into getting a new printer. Of course, I had to buy the color cartridges so we could print, but still, it will happen in the near future.

Options we’re looking into include replacing our inkjet with a laser printer. We’ve talked about getting a color laser printer for years, but cost is a pretty prohibitive factor. The downfalls of having a laser printer instead of an inkjet would mostly be on my end, as printing on fabric or iron-on transfers or photo paper all have to be done on an inkjet printer. However, the upside would be crisper text and a cleaner looking document overall. Of course, another option would be to have both printers.

Alas, new ink has been purchased and at least I can print off the documents I need printed. Of course, my needs are to print off the paper-piecing patterns for some more Desperate Housewife’s Quilt blocks. Still, they are needs nonetheless.

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