Sunday, May 13, 2012


Parades are fun to watch and fun to participate in. They are a bit of a challenge weaving through crowded sidewalks carrying a bag of extra clown supplies and a camera.

Yesterday I followed my husband and his clown friends around during the St. John’s Parade in North Portland. Slowly but surely, I will get over this fear. There were a couple clowns from the previous year and a whole new class of clowns on what was their first parade experience… at least after clown school. Yes, Portland has a clown school, it wasn’t just a random mention in the television show Portlandia to poke fun at the city. And yes, it’s a pretty serious job. Anyway, I only had to supply my husband, in character as Roosevelt (his clown name) once, but got a lot of really great pictures. Or so I thought. Apparently there is this thing called motion that ruins most pictures and there is a lot of it running rampant through the photos I took. It was also really bright outside and in the worst possible picture taking time of the day, noon. I’ll see what I can do in Photoshop to remedy a few of the shots worth fixing.

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