Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sick, Sore and Snotty

I’ve got the three ‘S’s of a cold; I’m sick, I’m sore and I’m snotty. Colds are stupid.

My brain isn’t working all that well today, which will definitely make work fun. Yesterday I was having trouble doing minor tasks and speaking half the time. Not good during a ten and a half hour shift. Not good at all. Today is worse. Joy.

Usually when I’m sick I have trouble sleeping but last night I slept really well… until about a quarter to six this morning when my brain decides it wants to wake up even though the alarm clock still has another half hour before it will go off. The last month and a half has been like this. My body doesn’t like Daylight Savings time either. Maybe this sickness is a revolt against it? Or maybe I caught it from one of my coworkers who was sick a couple weeks ago. Oh gawd, I’m getting all random and tangenty again.


I wonder if taking a Claritan last night after dinner helped with sleepy time or not? It could have been the delicious sun dried tomato Italian style macaroni and cheese I made for dinner too based off a recipe I found on Pinterest, a website that apparently does have more value than simply pinning pretty pictures! I’ve made two recipes and used at least three different craft and quilt ideas using Pinterest. Of course, I spend most of my time looking at inappropriate humor while on the website.


Being sick is stupid. I hope in the near future we can find a way to deal with this problem instead of spending gobs of money and research on products that mask and prolong the duration of something as common as a cold.

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