Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where's My Motivation?

Excuse me, have you seen my motivation? I seemed to have lost it.

I’ve got nothing witty to write about and no social commentary to disparage and definitely no news on the sewing front and not much going on in my cooking world either. Alas, my unmotivation is really setting in as of late. Of course, I’m also putting in more hours than usual at work, multiple projects I’m way overdue on finishing for church, and there is also the prospect of maybe having to move here shortly that might be putting a damper on my creativity level. Might? Methinks those are definite factors.

Yesterday I got together with a couple church friends to scrapbook the next four pages to send to our sister church in Uganda, but I apparently wasn’t alone in being unmotivated. We all seemed to either have our minds elsewhere during the project or were completely uninspired to work on it. Perhaps there is a bug going around and the symptoms are not wanting to do or make anything. Okay, so maybe this is a little dramatic, but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility here. I mean, us creative folk do tend to get a bit excited and moved to create when something new strolls into town, but we also tend to all slump when the newness wears off. Same thing holds true in someone being passionately creative rubbing that passion off on everyone else, as well as when they are completely downtrodden about the project and that lack of enthusiasm spreads throughout the group.

So here is my plan; I have tomorrow off, so I will try to refocus some of that lack of creativity into reenergizing myself. Instead of watching two or three movies on Netflix or spending the entire day on Pinterest pinning things I will probably never make or do, I’m going to work on projects that need worked on. I will clean the house just enough to make it so we don’t look like slobs. I will make a large pot of coffee, which will make me have to pee every five minutes which in turn will make me much less productive and reenergized than I’d hope which in turn will lead me to the couch and Netflix. Crap! I’m already setting myself up for failure!!!

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