Thursday, May 3, 2012


I feel it on my fingertips, see it on the windowpane. It must be rain.

Rain has its purpose, I just don’t know why that purpose has to be so constant. It seems that once the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest starts, we don’t see the sun for at least three months. Sad, really. There are benefits, I suppose. I don’t have to water the vegetable garden. There are downfalls as well, in that our Great Dane, Lucy, comes in after going potty pretty much with mud all over her feet.

And so it is, halfway through another rainy spring. I wonder if that means I will be motivated to do some sewing tonight? Magic Eight Ball says, “Doubtful. Outlook is grim.” And now I can't get the Madonna song of the same name out of my head either.

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