Friday, May 18, 2012

Today's To Do List

With so much stuff needing to get done, I’ve decided to make a To Do List for stuff I need to get done and also want to do. It would only be fair.

I will drink coffee.

I will blog.

I will clean the litter boxes… but not take a picture of the litter boxes because that is just disgusting.

I will make something with fabric.

I will play with the dog.

I will vacuum the floors… but not take a picture of the floors because they are disgusting.

I will be productive.

Alas, this is only a fraction of what I actually want to get done, but I suppose if I keep it simple the possibility of actually accomplishing everything on the list has a greater chance of happening. That and I have stuff I didn’t list that I really need to get done but I’m afraid listing it will only make me want to put it off even longer. Ugh.

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