Monday, May 21, 2012

Fall Quilt: Finished

Some projects come together quickly and others take their time coming to fruition. The Fall Quilt is definitely in the latter category.

After church and a Bunco fundraiser for our youth group, I felt the urge to sew. Right away I knew I wanted to finish the Fall Quilt. I completed the simple hand quilting nearly a month ago and it has been sitting in a bag waiting to be bound. So I swept the kitchen floor, grabbed my rotary cutter and mat and started trimming off the excess batting. I had planned from the beginning to do a simple binding using the backing and wrapping it around the front. What I hadn’t decided on was whether to hand or machine stitch the binding in place. After thinking about it for about four seconds, I decided to machine stitch it.

Using safety pins about every ten inches, I double folded the backing over the top and pinned it in place. I then used a hot iron and pressed it flat to make it easier to sew. Starting with the bottom, I stitched the binding in place, pulling and tugging the quilt to keep the stitches straight. For the corners of each section, I mitered them and began stitching as normal, using a backstitch to start.

When all was said and done, I had a completed quilt, ready for this autumn. Okay, so really it is ready for whatever time I feel like using it, but honestly, I absolutely love everything about it… except for my hand quilting. I wish I had kept going and done more of it!

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