Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Crafter's Dilemma

With so many projects
And so much to dos
It’s hard to decide
And difficult to choose.

Should I work on This?
Should I work on That?
Should I make catnip pillows
For a catnip-addict cat?

My brains are all Jell-O
My mind is all mush
My thoughts are a big
Jumbled up slush!

Unfinished Objects!
Works in Progress!
Start something new
And add to the mess!

Or simply do nothing
And nothing will be
I will simply do nothing
Nothing! You will see!

A day filled with nothingness
No accomplishments or goals
A day of needed rest
For our overworked souls.

Alas, today can’t be
That day of rest required
For today I must work
Until I’m good and tired.

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