Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Baby Quilt Finished

Yesterday after getting home from work I decided to finally finish the baby blanket I started for my brother’s newest addition to his family. But I must admit, it’ll be hard to mail out.

All of my nieces and nephews have a quilt made by me. It’s part of what I do, and a big part of what is expected of me. My sister informed me she was pregnant not by stating such but by saying I needed to start another baby blanket. So when my brother told me that he had another boy on the way, I immediately went into planning mode on what to make. It wasn’t long before, much like my sister, he told me what colors. Personally I’m not a big fan of having people tell me what to do, but alas, it helps to focus my fabric hunt down a bit too… mostly.

I picked out the fabrics, appliquéd the figure to the top, pieced and sewed it all together, folded it up and waited for them to tell me a name so I could embroider the back. Well, then we moved and so it was packed away and practically forgotten until a few weeks ago. By this point the baby was born and a name picked out, so I embroidered the back with it along with an Odd Bug character (all of my baby blankets have cartoonish bug characters I create specifically for that quilt) that will only be featured on this blanket and put it away yet again. This time because I realized our pastor and his wife’s baby shower was coming up and I had to figure out what I was going to do for them.

And so I finally finished yesterday. All sewed up, tied, washed and dried. Now that it is ready to ship I’m finding it difficult to do so. Not just because the quilt is so dang cute, but because it is going to a nephew I probably won’t see for quite some time due to a lack of finances and distance.

p.s. – Pictures to come soon… after I know that they have received it!

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