Friday, July 8, 2011

Gas or Family

Currently we are faced with a dilemma; go to a family reunion and let our checking account go negative on buying the gas to get there or stay home and hope we’ll be able to go next year. I hate making these choices.

After asking a coworker to swap a couple days at work to be able to go to the reunion, we decided to become a little more serious about an upcoming family reunion. However, as luck would have it, we simply won’t have the money to drive there and back. At least, not from our current funds in our bank account. That sucks. Especially since we also will have the boys that weekend and they’ll get to meet more of the family.

I suppose that we could always hope that my husband makes enough money at the garage sale today to possibly fund the part of the gas portion of the trip, as it would be doubtful to make the whole amount. But then again, that would be if we sold practically everything, and let’s be honest, how many do that during a garage sale?

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