Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleeping In

This morning I slept in. Oh, I have missed this simple luxury.

While there are plenty of things to talk about when one sleeps in (on purpose, mind you) the thing nobody talks about is when you have stuff to do and now less time to accomplish it. Today I’m forgetting about that. My goals today are to get the kiddos to soccer practice and go to a church meeting this evening. Oh, and go to work for a couple hours to cover the lunch break. If I get anything else done that’ll be a bonus.

However, now that I’m awake mind you, I’m thinking of all the things I could’ve done with my morning if I hadn’t gotten up so late. Quilting, cleaning, laundry. Hmmm… so maybe those last two really were more like passing thoughts on needs and not wants. Alas, I suppose if I really wanted to do anything I’d just do it. For now I’m happy relaxing for a couple hours.

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