Friday, July 29, 2011

Driving... With Children

My nightmares about taking the kids with us for a car trip to see my family were apparently just that. Turns out they ride quite well.

The night before we were about to drive to see my family in Wenatchee, I had some serious qualms about how well they would do on a long car ride. I had printed out quite a bit of stuff for them to color and finished up the activity binders I had made. As it turned out they didn’t even touch them. They each had a book and some free window clings from the gas station and the rest of the time seemed content to simply look out the window and watch the world pass by. Tunnels, bridges, waterfalls, rivers, trees, cows and cars.

So all in all, it looks like any fears I had about taking them on trips were quelled. Well, except for the Great Poop Incident. Apparently the thing about kids is that sometimes, even after they just pooped, by the time it takes to walk back to the car from the restroom they may just have to poop again.

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