Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain and Cupcakes

It’s Saturday, in July, in the Pacific Northwest. Naturally it is raining.

Rain isn’t that unusual of a thing for us Northwesterners, but seriously by this time of year the rain has limited itself to passing showers, not full days of non-stop onslaughts. At least it is only going to be in the seventies temperature-wise so it won’t be the hot and sticky rain some areas of the country experience.

To top things off I’ve got a large order of cupcakes to fulfill at the church for a baby shower tomorrow. That means that today after work I will be making them. I know I told a few of the people in charge of decorating that I would be coming after work to bake at the church instead of trying to keep a three and four year old out of the cupcakes and then try to transport one-hundred-and-twenty-plus of said cupcakes with the three and four year olds in the car, but I don’t know if they’ll remember. Eeek! I probably should’ve called to remind them, huh?

I did, however, manage to make all the cupcake batter and frosting last night before bed and after putting the kids to sleep, so at least I won’t have to bring along all the ingredients and the mixer and all that. I will, however, need to remember to pack it all with me before going in to work this morning. In the rain. Ugh.

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