Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old Fabrics and Crafts

Some people hoard stuff. I hoard crafts.

Yesterday while going through stuff at the old house after work and tagging it for tomorrow’s garage sale, I came across a bag of old fabric I’d never even touched. More than likely it was a gift from someone. At first I thought I’d use it, but years later as we were packing up stuff to move I left it behind to sell. Now I’m torn. Curiously, I’m wondering if I should go ahead and try to sell the bag or take it home and place them on the bookcase with the rest of my fabric.

Then I looked at a bolt of cotton suede I bought for ten bucks while I worked at Crap-Mart and wondered if selling it was the right thing to do. After all, it is quality twill-backed fabric in a cream and sage checkered pattern (large two inch squares) and could probably be used to make something, I just don’t know what. Should I keep it because I might use it?

Boxes of beads, pipe cleaners, yarn and the likes are all still awaiting prices too. Hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, most of which unused. I think growing up poor has messed with my psyche in matters of getting rid of crap, probably because I know how much this stuff cost and I know how guilty I feel for not using it. But then again, it was money I spent when I had money, mainly in high school and college while I was still living at home. That means I should just get over it, break out of this funk, and sell it since it’s been fifteen years or longer. Easier said than done.

So here is the plan; put it all out for sale and whatever doesn’t sell donate to our church. That way if it sells, I’ll get some money back from my “investment” and if it doesn’t, I’ll still feel okay about donating it. Except for the cotton suede checkered fabric bolt… I’m keeping that.

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