Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Brown is one of those colors that I find most difficult to match while quilting. Please tell me I’m not alone?

Yesterday while searching through my stash I realized I have quite a few shades of brown and none that really look good with the baby quilt I am trying to finish. I mean, they are close, but also on the verge of clashing. I don’t think I’ve ever had this level of difficulty with any other color. Of course, it could be simply a matter of fact that brown has a very broad spectrum that stem from all three primary color sources, yellow, red and blue, which make the matter that much more complicated.

It also doesn’t help that I need to find a complimentary shade from my existing stash since we ain’t got no money to find the right shade at the quilt shop or even the craft store if need be. So perhaps I need to look at this as a challenge. Perhaps I need to think outside the color wheel, so to speak. Perhaps I need to break into that yardage of Moda Sandy Gervais Solids Walnut I was saving for my Fall Quilt, even though the yellowish tinge might not work out so well with the pink colorway of Bunny Hill Designs’s Lily & Will. Okay, so maybe I need to do a little more soul searching on this matter.

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