Saturday, July 2, 2011


I love to read. Our kiddos seem to be in the same boat.

Every night it is the same situation, one of the kids gets to choose a book for me to read to them. To make it fair, we alternate between the two. However, sometimes there is fighting involved over choosing a bedtime story, in which case either myself or my husband choose the book, and usually that book is super short. Why? Because by that point we are both exhausted from the seemingly unlimited amount of energy the munchkins have!

Lately I’ve noticed the older boy likes to simply sit in the room and read to himself. I don’t think he can actually read yet, but he seems to remember many of the words associated with the pictures, which makes me think it might be time to try more word recognition so he can start to read on his own. Of course, with our weather being so sunny it’ll be difficult to keep them indoors to work on this. I’m sure we’ll find the time.

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