Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rain and Ice Cream

In theory, and according to the weather people, today is supposed to be dry and warm. Naturally it is still raining heavily.

My husband, last night of course, decided to make ice cream to bring to family day this afternoon. For those of you unfamiliar, it is when our extended family, or those of us who still keep in contact anyway, get together once a week for swimming, visiting, eating and relaxing. Normally it is on Saturdays, but July’s Saturdays were quite booked by the hosts, my aunt and uncle, so we’re having them on Sundays to accommodate. Anyway, everybody brings something to eat.

So after the boys went to bed, he started mixing up the base and heating the egg yolks with the cream so it could cool overnight. This morning he chopped up strawberries and added a little sugar and let them macerate while mixing the cooled base in the Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker attachment. The boys watched… in between episodes of Curious George. Once the ice cream is soft-serve consistency he added the strawberries and put the mixture into the freezer to freeze. If you have the means to make your own ice cream, I highly recommend it.

I can’t wait until this afternoon for fresh strawberry ice cream. Nothing screams summer like strawberries. Now if only they could scream at the weather gods to remind them it is the middle of July.

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