Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From Screwed to Serviced

Do you ever have days that seem to go from bad to worse? Yesterday was that day for me.

Yesterday on my lunch break I went out to my car and noticed that one side looked lower than the other. At first I thought, hey, what a peculiar optical illusion! But then reality hit and I realized that indeed, I had a flat tire. Fortunately the Les Schwab Tire Center where we get the tires replaced on our cars is literally across the street from where I work, so I drove it over to find out if it was just low on air or if there was a hole in the tire that needed repaired. Of course, being the middle of the day it was busy.

After waiting for them to get to me, I finally heard my name (well, my husband’s name anyway as his name is on the account) and the gentleman was kind enough to inform me that there was a screw in the tire and the hole was too big to be repaired. The first option he gave was to sell a new tire for what would have been half price based on the remaining tread. Normally I would have gone this route because that is a good deal and these tires are expensive, but our bank account says otherwise and I told him I can’t afford it. He said he could either put the spare on and send me on my way or see if they had a used tire in the back, both of which would be free. I opted for the used tire, which they had, put on and handed me the keys.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I thanked the guy, but I do know that it is service like this that keeps me coming back to them. Now if only I could figure out how in the heck a large screw got into the tire?

(By the way, a ton of other things went wrong yesterday, but looking back on it now the Les Schwab experience made up for most of it.)


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