Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coffee or Potluck

When life makes you choose between necessities and frivolities, sometimes the lines get blurred. Especially when coffee is involved.

While at Costco the other day acquiring supplies for my famous macaroni and cheese, I realized I was also low on coffee. Suddenly the cost dilemma came into play. If I were to buy the coffee, we would severely diminish our food money for the month, but if I didn’t everyone around me would be severely punished. What is one to do? I took the high road and we left without it. My reasoning? I was fairly certain I still had some left that I hadn’t transferred from the bag to the container next to the coffee maker. I was wrong.

In the short term this is a good thing as everyone at the potluck yesterday raved over my macaroni and cheese because it really is that good. Seriously. I mean like, “Damn! Who made that macaroni and cheese? It was the best!” good. I’m not bragging or anything, but I do know how to cook. In the not so long term, however, this could turn disastrous once I run out of the precious elixir of life and have to resort to (GASP!) Folgers at work.

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