Thursday, September 15, 2011


As a kid I thought I’d be the best author and illustrator the world had ever seen. As an adult I see the value of life experiences developing both.

Lately I’ve been toying with getting back into writing and illustrating children’s books. I don’t know if it is because I’ve given away a few of the ones I did when I was a kid lately for baby showers and Christmas presents after having a small batch printed or because we acquired a couple of part time kids ourselves, but the bug has bitten. I think I’m ready again, and it is a weird feeling because I haven’t been ready in a long time. Of course that means it is just another hobby to cut into my growing list, but if anything, I’m at my most creative when I’ve got multiple projects to work on. Then again, I’m at my least creative when I’m overwhelmed, so I also need to figure out a way to keep everything in check.

My parents, all four of them, encouraged me to explore my creative side, which is probably why I have so many different interests now as an adult. It’s funny how as a kid where you think life will take you and how once you get closer and closer to adulthood reality has other plans. I’m sure that if I were another person with ambition and focus I could have taken those childhood dreams and made them reality, but that just isn’t me. Setting goals and sticking to them is only a recent addition to my psyche and it is taking time to develop. That requires patience, something I had an abundance of in my younger years that I sorely lack now.

So in between quilting, developing a new line for my Etsy shop and figuring out how to continue my cake business while working (and updating my website while I’m at it), I plan on working on a new children’s book as well as finish the illustrations for one I revamped seven years ago. It has been seven years since my muse passed away and time for me to move on and find my inner muse instead. I miss my Grandma S. terribly, but her memory shouldn’t stop me from fulfilling my dreams and in fact should have just the opposite effect. And so, with that, I’m adding another goal to my list and hopefully another checkmark on it soon.

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