Friday, September 30, 2011

Sick Dog

I got a call at work yesterday from my husband. Lucy, our Great Dane wasn’t feeling well.

Now, to be honest, our dog is mostly healthy, with the exception, of course, of her allergies, yeast issues, ears and eyes. Okay, so maybe not so much. But she rarely passes up the opportunity to drink gallons of water at a time or eat whatever food crosses her path. Apparently yesterday, even though in the morning she ate her breakfast and drank her water for me, she was lethargic most of the afternoon and evening. Even this morning she is acting more the same. Hmmm…

And so it got me thinking what could have caused this malady? That’s when I realized that a couple days ago I had been casually throwing out food for the chickens, stale bread and old (but not rotten) tomatoes, and she may have gotten into some of it when I let her out to go potty. Looks like a certain doggy will be coming to work with me again today!

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