Friday, September 2, 2011

Hand Applique

When a professional informs you not to attempt hand appliqué because of bulk, don’t balk at their suggestion. They may just know what they are talking about.

Working on The Desperate Housewife’s Quilt Block Five (again) last night, I started the process of hand appliquéing some of the pieces onto the pieced block. Let’s just say that without the aid of a thimble my fingers are a bit sore. Not only did I fail to take into account just how much bulk there would be, what with turning the edges of the appliqué pieces and the pieced block onto which it was being placed on, I also failed to realize just how much heavier batiks are compared to quilting weight fabrics. Needless to say, I got schooled the hard way.

However, with that being said, I still like how the block is turning out, even if it is taking about three times as long to hand appliqué the pieces onto it. It is now starting to resemble something that is very much me in that the appliqué stitches are quite obvious and unevenly spaced, just like all those baby blanket appliqués I’ve been doing for years. I’m hoping that I’ll be finished with it tonight so I can start on Block Six, which looks far less likely my brain will try to complicate it.

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  1. Please don't forget to put all your photos up on Flickr. I really want to see what you have done.