Friday, September 16, 2011

Naked Walls

I’ve been staring at these bare walls for far too long. It’s time to hang some artwork and pictures up on them.

The nakedness is finally getting to me. In the living room, the hallway and especially the bedroom. I’m talking, of course, about our naked walls. Since we moved into this house in a few months ago the only artwork we’ve hung is in the kitchen and that was because I was hoping that by starting the process I’d follow through in the rest of the house. It didn’t happen. Instead, months later, we still have a mostly barren and unadorned house. This isn’t for a lack of available artwork and framed pictures as our garage is full of such treasures, but rather a lack of actually wanting to do the job.

The dilemma, as far as I can tell, we moved from a house we lived in for, well, since the day Princess Di passed away until her son Prince William got married. In that time we managed to acquire and relinquish a multitude of cheap artwork replaced by better artwork. Working at Crapmart for a majority of that time also meant that I had almost daily access to super-cheap picture frames, and thusly have an assload of those as well. While we have dwindled our collection down over the years, we still have quite a bit of wall art. Why is that a problem, you may ask? I’ll tell you… artwork overload. Yes, the problem for my naked walls is actually choosing which pieces to hang and which to keep stored away or get rid of.

So hopefully today on my day off I’ll find some time to get at least the living room done. However, if not, you can safely assume I wasted, I mean spent it all quilting.

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