Sunday, September 4, 2011

Unexpected Family

When an unexpected guest shows up to a family function, it can go any number of ways. Now multiply that by a thousand when it is a family member.

Years ago a family controversy split my extended family apart. So yesterday when somebody from “the other side” showed up at my aunt and uncle’s house for Family Day, a lot of us were nervous. Well, nervous until we remembered “we” outnumbered “them” at this place.

Anyway, those fears seemed to be for not, as he was obviously much more nervous being around us than we him, and so we all did our best to make him feel welcome. I think the saddest part is that my cousin, the “them” in question, and my little brother K.C. were best friends growing up. Now seeing him all grown up, it makes me a little sad to have missed out on the last few years.

Alas, I’m hoping that this is only the first of many visits from “the other side.” Or perhaps, now that I’m thinking about it, not. There are too many wounds that still haven’t healed and continue to be rubbed with malice by some. I’m just glad my grandparents aren’t alive to see how this family has turned out.

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