Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Front Yard

Now that the weather has started to cool off a bit, I’ve been thinking about working on the yard again. Of course, thinking and doing are two very different things.

The plywood covering the grave in the front yard has been bugging me ever since we got back from Idaho. Okay, so it was bugging me before that, but has been especially so since talking with my husband’s dad about what we could do to make it work. Initially we were going to buy sand to fill in a little since it is a bit deep for a front yard pond, but I had a passing thought of filling in from the top a few weeks back and when his dad mentioned shoveling out a shelf all around and using that for liner support and fill, I was well pleased my passing thought wasn’t a dud. But then the thought of actually shoveling out a shelf sounds a lot more like work than an afternoon project.

Another thing I’ve got to work on in the front yard is whatever the damn trees are that keep popping up around the gravesite. I mean, there has got to be a root system somewhere around it that needs to be pulled or hacked or something because the little bastards keep coming back! I’m sure that with a little effort it wouldn’t be too difficult to locate, but alas, effort is needed in the first place.

If only I had a magic genie to do my bidding. Of course, with a magic genie I probably wouldn’t be living in this particular house with its particular problems and particular quirks. So perhaps instead of bitching about what needs to be done, I should just do it.


  1. New follower. Grave? In the front yard?

  2. Sorry, our landlord, back when he lived in the house, decided to dig a pond but then covered it with a piece of plywood. It seriously is a six and a half foot long, three feet wide and deep hole that is a perfect rectangle. Hence, shallow grave. Although, I must admit that I'm thinking of waiting until after Halloween to finish this project.