Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday was my day off. I didn’t intend to spend so much of it reshaping and prepping the front yard pond.

First off, let me explain that the original person who dug this hole apparently didn’t understand the laws of gravity, as it is in a sloped area. Secondly, they dug a rectangle the approximate size of a shallow grave which makes me wonder if this hole’s purpose was for a pond as the landlord suggested or instead to dispose of a body. With that being said, it was obvious we had to do something to make this work.

 The first thing we did was dug out a shelf around the edge of the pond for the liner to rest on and used the dirt as fill since neither of us wanted it to be so deep. Then we ran into the same problem as before, in which it is sloped. I suggested we have two levels with a waterfall between them and my husband had no idea how that would even be possible or work. So after he had given up and took the dog for a much needed walk, I leveled off the two spaces and created a dam between them. In theory this should work. In practice, however, it may just completely fall apart. We’ll see when we put the liner on.

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