Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I don’t know why, but the last couple days my brain has been on high school. Specifically, the friends I had and no longer keep in touch with.

People come and go in life, that much is certain. Friends you thought you’d stay in contact with forever go by the wayside either because of distance or differing interests and opinions. Yet friends you thought would just be passing through in a matter of weeks can still be in our lives decades later.

In high school, I had a pretty small but close-knit set of friends. But, me being me, rarely did anything outside of school. I only started coming out of my shell my senior year. Call it humor or call it coincidence, but about half of my friends were gay or lesbian and had either acknowledged that in school or shortly thereafter. Of course, by half, I mean three. Again, small set. I waited until I was in college and after meeting my husband before even admitting that I was gay to myself.

However, with the advent of college came the realization that most of my friends were leaving the area to attend school. Now, we all said we’d keep in touch, but none of us ever realized just how difficult that would be. I’m sure that if we really wanted to we could have, but such is life. We meet people in life when we are supposed to meet them and they leave when they are supposed to leave… well, mostly. I know a few people I wish would leave and I also know a few people I wish were still around. But to be honest, I’m thankful for the friendships and the memories, even if there are never to be new ones made with them.

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