Friday, October 28, 2011

Cat Hair

Life with cats also means living with their hair. Why not do something creative with it?

One of the girls I work with at the animal hospital has an obsession with cats. I seriously think she must have the toxoplasma parasite firmly attached to her brain to make attracted to cats in this quite unhealthy way. Don’t worry, if you have cats you probably have it too. Actually a lot of people have it and don’t even know they do. Other people are schizophrenic. Blame cats for that, as it is probably their fault too.

Anyway, back to cat hair. We have a clinic cat who sheds a lot. I mean so much so that you’d find entire tribble populations some days in random places he has been lounging around. So at some point she decided to start saving his fur after brushing him, rolling it into balls, and letting him play with them as if they were toys. He loves knocking them off the counter and rolling them all over the floor. He loves his furry balls.

Then one day our doctor tells her about this new book coming out that had just been translated from Japanese called Crafting with Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya. Within a couple days she had the book in hand and was already concocting what projects she was going to tackle first. I must admit that after casually perusing the book there are some projects that definitely sound like they’d be fun to make if one were inclined to further perpetuate the fact that they indeed are the crazy cat lady everyone is already thinking. However, it also looks like it’d be fun to do just because crafters always seem to be looking for something new to craft. And hey, if life gives you cat hair, why not make a finger puppet?

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