Monday, October 10, 2011

Desperate Housewife's Quilt: Block Ten

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. I skipped Block Nine… for now.

After looking over the instructions for the ninth block in the Desperate Housewife’s Quilt series, I decided to skip it for the time being. For one, I didn’t feel like searching through the garage for my fabric glue and two, I had no idea if the glue was still any good as it is pushing a decade. I just don’t use it. So when I saw that the block called for gluing before stitching I simply set it aside for later.

Block Ten was also a little different in that it called for making two blocks then cutting them in half and sewing them together to form a completely different look. So while making Cheese Zombies and Tomato Soup (all from scratch, mind you) I cut and pieced and ripped seams and restitched correctly. I’m not very good at stopping and picking up where I left off, it is a recipe for disaster. My Cheese Zombies and even my Tomato Soup were not, so apparently this doesn’t apply to my cooking, just everything else. Maybe it is because I’m used to working on other stuff while cooking, whereas not so much when crafting.

Anyway, after making the two smaller blocks I decided I really like the look of it and may have to make it for another quilt in the future. But, I will say that once cut on the diagonal and pieced back together, I really like the look of the finished block. Maybe that means I should search the garage for that glue sometime tonight after work. Ugh.

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