Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time to Clean

It’s time to clean the house again. Do you think anyone will notice if I don’t?

Litter boxes need changing, floors need swept and mopped, carpets vacuumed, dishes washed, clothes washed and dried and folded and the windows wiped. This seemed so much easier when I was unemployed. I mean, I normally keep up on the dishes and laundry and general upkeep stuff, but the every week or two (or four or more) stuff gets, well, pushed by the wayside sometimes. I have nothing to blame except myself, my quilting projects, and Netflix.

Typically I try to get all my cleaning done and out of the way first thing, that way I don’t have that GUILTY sign over my head when I’m working on a quilt block or watching another episode of Dollhouse. That won’t be happening today, as I can probably get most of it done except for mopping which will have to wait until I get some cleaning solution since, well, I don’t mop very often. I think in the old house I mopped the floors once a year or so. I will have to look at our chemicals we brought with us, as we left a lot of them at the old house when we moved, to see if we even have anything. The only times I’ve mopped here was to clean up our dog’s pee puddles and for that I used half a cup of apple cider vinegar with a drop of Dawn dish soap in about a gallon of hot water. That’s called me being cheap, but it works.

I hate mopping. I hate it with a passion. It seems like one of the most pointless tasks to me for some reason and yet when I see a nice clean floor it brings a smile to my face for the fraction of a second before our Great Dane, Lucy, comes prancing in or one of the cats finishes using the litter box and twirls across the floor. Alas, me stalling is not going to make the tasks disappear. I suppose it is time to clean once more. [sigh]

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