Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Quilt

Seasons are funny things. Even though I know I won’t get my Fall Quilt done before autumn is over, I still am suddenly interested in working on it.

It has been nearly a year since I’ve even touched this thing, but figured I did enough blogging about it last year that I should probably start doing something with it this year. Apparently saying and doing really are two different things. Go figure. Anyway, with Fall here, and me no closer to figuring out a pattern for my Christmas Quilt, I decided to take the feature panels I’m making for the quilt to work and appliqué them on my lunch break. Of course, after I was about halfway through appliquéing the next panel (I’d already done two last year) I realized I was using the wrong thread. Oy. Now the dilemma of either leaving it be with the brown thread or going over it with black embroidery floss comes into play. I decided to simply move on with the current thread choice and make that decision later. However, I must admit, I really like the look of the larger, more obvious embroidery floss on the other two panels so I might just end up going over it anyway. There would be no reason to unpick all that stitching as it is keeping the appliqué in place and it’ll just get covered up anyway, right?

Well, as it turns out, upon further investigation, the thread was simply a dark brown and the one I’d used for the pumpkin appliqué was a medium brown and much thinner. My hand hit my head when I realized this, walked into the craft room, and lo and behold behind the Jelly Roll of Sandy Gervais Mix & Mingle was the dark brown thread in question. Figures. Apparently frantically throwing stuff into a bag in the morning when you are already late for work doesn’t always yield the best results. Still, my verdict is final. I’m simply going to go over the stitching in the darker color rather than pick it out. Especially after looking at how much more the stitching pops with the darker thread!

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