Thursday, October 20, 2011

Desperate Housewife's Quilt: Block Twelve

When there is so much to do, sometimes a little me time is in order. After finishing up some chores I decided to quilt.

My week’s list is, well, stalled for the moment. I decided not to clean out the garden boxes just yet, which in turn means I didn’t clean out the coop, which because of that I didn’t bother cleaning the bathrooms. Please don’t ask how that last one falls into place. Okay, fine ask, and I’ll tell you I just didn’t want to. Instead I rescrubbed the outdoor cushions for about an hour, did laundry, managed to bathe the dog and deodorize and vacuum the carpet, sofa and chair-and-a-half. I also researched what classes I still need to take for college and found out it will cost twenty bucks to replace the financial aid debit card I didn’t get. Shoot.

So anyway, after all the hullabaloo I received from bathing the dog from the dog, I decided to spend a little time quilting while waiting for the sofa quilts and pet bed to dry before letting her back out into the living room. I didn’t. Instead I opted to try figuring out how best to make our church’s stewardship campaign letters we’ll be sending out look like scrapbook pages. Of course the program I was planning on using doesn’t have that section loaded onto the computer and the disc is nowhere to be found, which means somewhere in the garage, so I tried another one and was barely satisfied with the look. Okay, it sucked, but I sent it off anyway to our pastor. He agreed, it wasn’t anything like what we wanted. If I can’t find the disc, I suppose I could always either dig out my scrapbook stuff or use Photoshop to cut and paste shapes and textures to recreate the look of a traditional scrapbook page.

And so that leads me to after I had dinner... alone… because my husband was going to a workshop with the Ridgefield High School theater kids. I pulled out the Jelly Roll of Sandy Gervais’s Mix & Mingle I’m going to use for the Fall Quilt and grabbed the book Material Obsession to find out the measurements of all the cuts that are needed to make the blocks I’m using for the quilt. Then my eye caught my stack of Desperate Housewife’s Quilt blocks sitting next to my sewing machine and I decided to put the Jelly Roll away and grab the next block in the series. I then put it aside and grabbed the one after and started cutting, piecing and in no time at all had the block done. So I started block thirteen, which is a beautiful design that I can see using for an entire quilt. However, about halfway through it was time for my Wednesday night television lineup, so it will have to wait until tonight after work.

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