Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Warrior or Saturday Sloth?

I have a Saturday off this month and it is today. Should I make the most of it or do nothing and relax?

Part of me really wants to finish up the pond in the front yard and maybe harvest the rest of the tomatoes in the back garden boxes so they can be prepped for next year. However, a bigger part of me wants to simply do absolutely nothing but sit on my ass. Something tells me with this being the last not rainy day in the foreseeable future until next August I should probably get out and work on those projects that need to be completed.

First of all, the pond is practically done thanks to all the work that was already done previously, we just need to build up the center portion slightly for a more obvious waterfall and rearrange the rocks around the edges. I suppose I should also go ahead and plant the rest of the irises before they rot, if they haven’t done so already. Ugh. All this means I actually need to get out of my pajamas and into some work clothes and outside. Perhaps watching endless hours of mediocre entertainment is more appealing. Or better yet, figuring out if I want to use a pattern for the Alexander Henry prints I recently acquired or just cutting out a bunch of squares and sewing them together for a simple quilt. Hopefully this project won’t turn into another Uninspired Quilt, which, by the way, is still sitting on the shelf waiting for final sandwiching. I don’t know why, but the Uninspired Quilt is so uninspiring. Perhaps it’s the name I gave it because, well, I felt so incredibly uninspired making it.

(In case you don’t know what I’m talking about as far as the Uninspired Quilt goes, just do a search at the top of my blog page for Uninspired Quilt. A multitude of posts will pop up. It was a major topic last year and earlier this year.)

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