Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grocery Lists

When I go grocery shopping I make a list, but not just any list, an organized list. Let me explain.

The dreaded grocery store. With all the rain, however, what else am I going to do? So I suppose that means I need to make a list of all the stuff we need and/or are out of. I’ve been making my grocery lists the same way for years, but it hasn’t dawned on me until recently why my organized lists are set up the way they are until recently when I sent my husband out to do the grocery shopping. You see, I write them in order of where they are located in the store starting at the entrance and ending at the checkouts. This has always seemed logical to me. However, my husband noticed that I use what is apparently called the “Racetrack” method in which I rarely veer off the perimeter of the store where it is mostly fresh and refrigerated goods. I never thought about it that way, but more in the sense that if I don’t write it down in this order the chances of me not getting it or missing it on the list increase by tenfold.

Now, this isn’t to say that I never go into the center aisles where those well preserved shelf products are, because I do. But it isn’t where a majority of my shopping is. I mean, one must gather provisions in the baking aisle every now and then! I also venture into their confines to get pasta and spaghetti sauce and cereals and such. Staying on the so-called “racetrack” also reduces my shopping time, along with having an organized list. That way, if you are like me and tend to wander into a quilt shop before going grocery shopping, you’ll have more time to drool over your latest finds.

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