Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Quilt Project

After cleaning I was bored. Let’s just say that me and boredom are a dangerous combination.

I was tired of cleaning yesterday afternoon, and figured my objective of mopping the floors and laundry and dishes and vacuuming and litter box changing had been achieved, so I stopped. Oh, I could’ve continued with various other tasks, but decided against such extreme measures. After all, I can’t have everyone thinking I’m some super being, can I? In all seriousness I still had to go grocery shopping, so I gathered the bags and walked out the door and drove off. Now, here’s the thing, I decided to take the back roads and as I was doing so decided to go ahead and take a trip to my local quilt shop, The Country Manor to say hi and maybe pick up a couple more batiks for The Desperate Housewife’s Quilt.

Okay, so here is the thing… I love this shop. Besides the fact that it is filled to capacity on every shelf, bolts are also in front of the shelves on the floor as well. However, the owner was not in that day, which was a little sad for me. Apparently even she gets a day off every now and then, though this was the first time I’d been in without her. So I perused the back section where the clearance fabrics are, found quite a few adorable children’s fabrics that I passed up because the thought of even getting any of those right now is still a little painful given the uncertain circumstances involving our kids, and kept looking. I found the batiks, and found a couple that I liked, but decided to continue looking in the rest of the shop before picking up anything.

For the last couple years I’ve had my eye on Alexander Henry’s In the Kitchen line, especially the creepy owls and mushroom prints. I don’t know why but this line brings up a flood of memories from my childhood while at the same time is comforting and cute. I decided that since we had a little extra money, and me being me can’t seem to leave well enough alone and save it for a rainy day (which, by the way, it was raining like crazy yesterday too so technically…) I picked out five of my favorite prints and got a half yard of each. Apparently this line was created to have that retro feel and is continuously adding new fabrics. I love the Brady Bunch look it evokes and can’t wait to find a retro pattern to tweak to my liking. Of course, I’ll need to add a few solids to the mix to fill in.

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