Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Week's List

Today I am making a list of things I want to complete before week’s end. Tomorrow I will probably regret it.

With so much to prepare for the coming change in weather, and today probably going to be the last warm day to do most of it, my goal is to accomplish as much outdoor stuff today as I can. So with that, I am going to attempt at making a list of all things I want to get done over the coming week as well. Don’t worry, I’m scheduling in some me time too. After all, if your list is full of work, who would want to do it?

First on that list is cleaning up the backyard. This includes hosing off the deck, cleaning and storing the seat cushions on the patio furniture, emptying the spent flowers from the containers (the dahlias and cosmos are staying as they’ll bloom until December), cleaning out the old dog kennel we used to transport the chickens from the old house to here back in May, and general picking up of stuff we randomly have along the back of the house.

Second is to clean out the garden boxes. While technically this could be included in the backyard cleanup portion, it really does need to be a separate spot on the list for various reasons. My plan is to move them around and stack two of them together to form a deeper planting box. I figure since we only used two this year anyway, having three will work out fine. But this also means harvesting everything that is harvestable and tossing the rest over the fence. Literally.

Third down is cleaning out the chicken coop. Why do this after cleaning out the garden boxes? So that I can use their chicken poop covered bedding in the boxes and let the girls dig it all in for me. This worked out well last year, though I must admit I was a little sad I wasn’t able to reap the rewards since we had to move before planting season.

Fourth: Start cutting the Jelly Roll I’m using for the Fall Quilt.

Fifth: Sprinkle carpet powder on the furniture and living room carpet.

Sixth: Bathe the dog.

Seventh: Vacuum the entire house.

Eighth: Clean the bathrooms.

Ninth: Start piecing together blocks for the Fall Quilt.

It appears my list might be a little ambitious for someone like me who, well, isn’t so much. However, I know that if I can squeeze grocery shopping in after getting off work this morning before heading home I should be able to manage a majority of it before I go back to work on Thursday. Of course, this also is assuming I don’t skip down to the fourth item on my list then skip again to the ninth.

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