Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Embroidering is a work of love. And pricked fingers.

I have completed the embroidery work on two of the four feature panels, I feel like this quilt is finally coming together. With any luck the Fall Quilt just might be finished while it is still autumn! Of course this will require dedication and determination and I severely lack those qualities.

For the feature panels I decided to use embroidery to bring out the features to make the basic shapes of the appliqués be more recognizable. While these two are fairly obvious what they are supposed to represent because of what they are, the other two panels may not be as easy to figure out. However, I am confident that once all four panels are done, the rest of the quilt will come together quite quickly. Now I suppose the only other question to ask myself is if I want to do any fancy scrollwork embroidery on the background of each of the feature panels or simply utilize the blank space for the quilting?

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