Friday, October 7, 2011


Cure for an obsession: get another one.
                                   - Mason Cooley

Ever since I purchased those five Alexander Henry prints from the quilt shop I’ve been obsessing over them. Between searching online and thumbing through quilt books for inspiration, I’m beginning to lose my mind. It’s like when I see a line of fabric I love but can’t seem to locate anywhere because it has long been out of production, even if the line was mediocre at best and I would doubtfully do anything with it, I can’t stop searching for it. Perhaps that is why I finally just caved in and bought the prints that I did. Or perhaps I’m simply becoming a hoarder.

So now the difficult part of this whole equation is what to do with it? I’m no closer to having that answer than I was when I started this game. Do I find a pattern I like and attach it to the fabric in hopes that some day after I finish my bazillion other projects I can get to it, or do I stack it away on a shelf and pretend like it doesn’t exist? Those options, at least in the current state of my mind, don’t seem like plausible options to begin with. Perhaps I need to stop obsessing over finding the perfect pattern and simply work on what I really wanted to do before all of this In The Kitchen business got in the way and start working on my Christmas Quilt. Alas, it looks good on paper, but my mind will undoubtedly play games with me and force me into a deep, dark place where instead of coughing up what sounds like Gollum I’ll cough up Alexander Henry Spotted Owls.

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  1. I think for me, I have all these little packets of fabrics that were bought to be used together, waiting for me to find the right pattern. I like doing that. They may sit for a year, but that's okay. When I decide what I want, it feels as natural as if I'd bought the fabrics to go with the pattern. lane