Monday, February 20, 2012

Desperate Housewife's Quilt: Block Twenty Five

Okay, so I did a little skipping around. You’ll see why.

After church and lunch with my husband’s dad and stepmom who were in town from Idaho, I was in the mood to sew something. The daunting task of cutting into my prized Alexander Henry fabrics was unbearable even though it is equally as painful to simply see them sitting on the shelf folded and unused. The same goes for everything on the top shelf of the bookcase I keep my fabric that already has a purpose for a quilt or project.

The only problem was that I was also feeling rather lazy, meaning I wanted to accomplish something that would take a matter of minutes rather than hours. What can I say, I’m a guy. This is about the time I remembered a Desperate Housewife’s Quilt block using an embroidered center image. I just happened to have one of those I let expire from my Etsy shop laying around.

So I took the little bug out of the embroidery hoop, ironed out the wrinkles, and cut it down to a workable size to not leave too much white space. After figuring out the measurements (since I cut it down to a different size than the instructions call for) I sewed the strips around the image, pressing my seams open as I went. Within just a few minutes I had an adorable framed block! Of course, if I hadn’t already had the embroidered center it would have taken much longer.

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