Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

First off, I’m not a very romantic person. That being said, I love Valentine’s Day.

Contrary to popular belief that Pisces are romantic, I assure you I am not. Oh, I’ve tried to be, but alas, failed in every effort I have ever put forth. Well, most anyway. I’m a funny person, so naturally anything I try to do ends up with humor being involved. What can I say? Boys are stupid.

The problem with plans is they tend to fall apart if I get involved. Seriously, I’m like a bad omen or something. One year my husband and I planned an entire meal together and it was amazing. That was also the year we discovered my husband and mussels don’t agree with each other as he broke out into rather itchy hives soon after dinner. Instead I feel like playing it by ear. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated and certainly nothing involving bivalves!

(An addendum to yesterday’s post about the Dress Up Your Roll competition I blogged with my absolutely adorable and prize-worthy Roll Monkey, I neglected to mention that Jane over at Want it Need it, Quilt! (http://quiltjane.blogspot.com/) is hosting this and anyone can enter simply by posting their creation onto the group’s Flickr account. There are some great designs out there! Entries must be in by March 1st, so you still have a couple weeks to enter.)

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