Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today I will be walking. Walking and walking and walking.

Our church organized a community effort to walk from Vancouver to Olympia, Washington and my husband and I figured that since this effort is in support of equal marriage rights, we decided we would join the walk. We signed up for the final leg of the walk into the state capitol for a couple reasons, but one I didn’t want to do is wake up so damn early. Ugh.

So I figure I will make the most of this walk. I’ll take pictures along the way. I’ll take video along the way. And I’ll take lots of ibuprofen just in case. In fact, I’m going to go take some right now with my coffee so I can prevent some inflammation. Actually, maybe I’ll wait a bit since it’s now just after five in the morning and we don’t start walking until eight because we have to drive to the starting point. Oh joy.

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